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“BUTTERFLY” July 16, 2010 by Shirley Sarafinchan

Posted in INSPIRATIONAL POEMS ~ SPIRITUAL SATURDAY by doloresayotte on July 16, 2010
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So precious, so free 

No burdens, no sorrows 

Just soaring around 

For you and I to see 

Stand still!  Listen to my heart 

Like the soft sound of the butterfly 

As its wings spread apart 

Gently moving in the breeze 

Like the whisper of love 

Swaying in the trees  


Thank you Shirley for sharing this lovely poem (written in 2001). Shirley’s picture of the butterfly was taken at the Devonian Botanical Gardens in Edmonton, Alberta.

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In the future, my goal is to publish a variety of topics in order to maintain both writer and reader interest.  Therefore, I will be posting the articles at random in order to create this desired effect.   Thanks so much to all of you for your continued support and encouragement.  It is greatly appreciated. 


6 Responses to '“BUTTERFLY” July 16, 2010 by Shirley Sarafinchan'

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  1. Such a lovely poem, and I could see myself floating away with the butterfly as I read it. I doubt that will happen since we aren’t made to fly, but what a carefree feeling! God Bless you, Shirley. 🙂

  2. hope_rising said,

    very pretty.

    Like the whisper of love
    Swaying in the trees

    I love that!

    My butterfly garden is coming to full bloom right now. All blue, purple and yellow. I’m very lucky! Now I’m going to be thinking of my pretty butterfly visitors as whispers of love!

  3. Mary Haskett said,

    A lovely poem Shirley,

    Ah the sights of summer are so delightful and the sounds too:)


  4. Nikki said,

    beautiful. And I love butterflies. They are the essence of gentleness….

  5. hope_rising said,

    Hi There!

    I had to come back to this post as I was out on my butterfly garden afterwork and for the first time it was alive with butterflies! I was absolutely thrilled!

    I was so trying to remember what you called them! So I had to dash in and check … little whispers of love!

    so funny, totally fun!

  6. Shirley Sarafinchan said,

    Thank you for all the lovely comments on “Butterfly”! I love this little gem and I love butterflys and I always think about the story of a little boy trying to catch a butterfly with his net and after finally giving up his futile attempt he sits down on a rock and within a few minutes the most beautiful butterfly flys over to him and lands on his shoulder! Sometimes we just have to wait for “the whisper of love” and it just appears! Have a wonderful day and enjoy your little whispers of love!

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