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JOY IN MY GARDEN — July 12, 2010 by Pat Willment

Posted in A WOMAN'S VOICE by doloresayotte on July 12, 2010
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A Wo-Man’s Voice

Gardening has to be in the genes!  My Grandma Habok passed down the Green Thumb gene to my Mom and it seems I have it too.  Both of these ladies created beautiful well cared for gardens that gave them much pleasure I’m sure, even though it took a lot of hard work at times.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a real appreciation of the gardening creativity of others.  Then one day “my” gardening gene went into action. 

It all started with a basic vegetable garden and has developed over the years into a love for perennials, roses, shrubs, and trees. I no longer plant a veggie garden, I now just pop a few tomato plants here and there in the flower beds and maintain a rhubarb patch for its visual appearance as well as the stalks for fresh rhubarb desserts. I still remember as a kid dipping a rhubarb stalk into a bowl of sugar and enjoying the taste of fresh raw rhubarb! 

My garden is my Sanctuary.  There really is something special about tending a garden in the early morning hours to the sound of birds singing.  This calm peaceful atmosphere creates such an excellent stress free start to my day! 

This garden is located in the southeast corner of Alberta (zone 3) and it has a hot south exposure overlooking the South Saskatchewan River.  I’ve planted many perennials to provide colour throughout each season and I’m always trying to squeeze in another plant or two whenever I spot something new at the nursery! 

The main feature tree in my garden is a Schubert Chokecherry tree which attracts many different birds who love to eat the tiny berries.  This tree blooms in May with a scent that perfumes the air for the whole neighbourhood.  The leaves start out green but change to a dark purple color by July, a truly amazing sight. 

I’ve had many wildlife visitors … birds, butterflies, deer, bush bunnies, skunks, one badger, one porcupine and last winter a couple of uninvited voles who created a bit of a problem in our hedge due to their snacking habits! 

There are always things to do … deadheading flowers, watering annual flower containers, weeding (they seem to grow twice as fast as the flowers) as well as keeping the bird feeders and bird baths full.  I can spend hours in my garden, as it gives me such satisfaction when I see the plants come to life in the spring and grow into large blooming beauties during the summer and fall.  My all time favourite plants are my Morden Blush Roses (light to ivory pink) and my Morden Centennial Roses (medium pink).  They bloom continuously from early summer to frost and they are just beautiful to behold. 

The nurturing, the quiet solitude, being one with nature and just the beauty of it all is why I love to garden.  The sharing and exchanging of plants, gardening ideas and garden pictures with family and friends is also a wonderful bonus. 

Sometimes it’s a challenge to garden when Mother Nature decides to mess with the weather systems but in the end it’s just a real joy to play in the dirt and create a flowering masterpiece! 

Thank you so much Pat for sharing your joy with us! 🙂

Pat lives with her husband Cliff in Medicine Hat, Alberta.  She has two married children  (Rick & Loree) and seven wonderful grandchildren ranging in age from 6-18 that she enjoys very much.



First have being in your mind. Make real in your mind then bring that into reality…The genius is he who see what is not yet and causes it to become.   (Peter Nivio Zarlenga)



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  1. I appreciate so much the beauty
    that comes from those who can and do garden. Your photos are lovely and I know it is such a good feeling to look out and see the fruits, or flowers of all your hard labor! God Bless, Pat!

  2. Shirley Sarafinchan said,

    What a beautiful way to describe your joy of gardening! Your photos are very beautiful and I hope some day I will have a chance to visit and view your garden and yard. Grandma Habok sure did pass on the genes and it is quite evident in several of our aunt’s,cousin’s and sibblings homes and yards. Thanks for sharing Pat!

  3. Mary Haskett said,

    Thank you Pat for sharing your love of gardening. I relate. But two years ago my husband and I felt we should downsize.Our garden is now a balcony full of potted plants in a variety of colours, including tomatoes! Where ever we are we can enjoy the delights God has given us.

  4. Sandy Drummond said,

    Pat…. your garden looks wonderful and I truly appreciate all your hard work. Take time to smell the roses.

  5. Lorraine Gauthier said,

    Your garden is beautiful Pat! I understand that peace. I too love Schubert Chokecherry trees!! I had a few of them in my yard!! Morning and gardens together give so much peace!! Thanks for sharing!!

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