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MEMORIES –June 30, 2010 by Shirley Sarafinchan

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Shirley…What a wonderful way to end the month of June with the theme of Fathers’ Day.

Have you ever stopped for a moment to reflect on the treasures stored in your memory?  I suppose as we grow older we have so many memories that we forget about them until something unforeseen happens that jogs us to actually recall them.  A song, fragrance, rainbow, storm, picture, scene, anything can bring those memories to mind and it is such a wonderful experience to give yourself the time and opportunity to relive them. 

My sister Linda recalled walking to school in the different seasons and it was wonderful to read her memories of those school days.  Living at 76 Bristol Street for many years conjures memories I had forgotten until recently.  Last Sunday was Father’s Day and many times throughout the year I think about my “Dad” but especially on Father’s Day.  I can picture him so clearly and remember him so very well.  He left us eighteen years ago and it seems like yesterday.  He always had a special smile for each of us and always an endearment which I loved. 

When I remember Dad I think about our garden on Bristol and the lovely vegetables that grew every summer and Mom working so hard canning as much as possible in preparation for the winter months to ensure we were well fed. 

The best part was the bonfire in the backyard and when the embers were just right we would take our freshly dug potatoes and place them in such a way that we knew exactly where to find them.  Looking almost burned to a crisp, we would slice them open to reveal the most beautiful smell and flavour. When topped with butter, salt and pepper the taste was terrific, now that is a memory. 

There is nothing that compares to the prairie thunder storms and living in a wartime home. You can well imagine how hot and muggy it was in the house and especially upstairs where six of us slept in two bedrooms.  When the dark skies rolled in, we were all more than ready for a nice rainshower and quite often watched the excitement of a thunder and lightning storm. These might bring strong winds, harsh rain and sometimes hail but we didn’t fear these storms. We just watched them in awe and welcomed the cool air that flowed throughout the house and it felt so good. 

I have so many memories that I could share with you and I might have to continue sharing them sometime in the future but this last one is one of my favorite memories about my Dad!  Mom and Dad always loved to dance and I remember when the weekends came along it was time to baby sit the kids for the evening because Mom and Dad were off with friends or relatives to enjoy an evening of fun and dancing. 

As we got older we attended many socials and weddings with my parents. We all loved to dance and dancing with Dad was a very special treat because he was a very good dancer and so very light on his feet.  He taught us how to dance at a very young age by lifting us into his arms and dancing around the hardwood floor in our living room.  The “Tennessee Waltz” was my favorite and to this day I just absolutely love it. 

Thanks Dad for the memories, they are so vivid and so cherished…………… 

June 26, 2010                                                                                      Shirley Sarafinchan

Thank you Shirley for sharing such wonderful memories of Dad, Mom and our childhood. As many of you already know,  Shirley is my sister and I am so very proud to have her writing on my blog on a regular basis along with the other members of my family that have accepted to do so.

I have such a touching memory of Dad and his desire to teach us to dance that I would like to add to your “Memories”.  He used to let us stand on his feet and he would whisk us around the room so we could really learn the steps and enjoy the rhythm of the music.  Thanks Dad.  Wish you were still here with us.  We still miss you to this day!   


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  1. What beautiful memories you two can share of your family
    events and love. I never had a sister and to be able to talk
    about those special times is a true blessing. I can well imagine
    the storms and being upstairs in the bedroom hearing all of
    the rain, wind and lightning. But how beautiful too is the rainbow
    that can remind us of God’s promise. “Dad’s” are so special and your memories are such a gift, and so is having a “sis” to share them with!

  2. Lorraine Gauthier said,

    Beautiful memories that I remember oh so well!! I can still smell the kitchen that I used to when I came home from school as well as see the windows that were fogged ug up by mom’s cooking.Dad and mom both loved to dance!! I am so grateful that I am loving it so much myslef with linedancing and clogging. I know where I got it from.Everytime we dance at mom’s we dance to the ” Tennessee Waltz” and she loves it!! Many people in the audience shed a tear when they hear it!Thanks for the memories Shirley!!

  3. Mary Haskett said,

    Lovely memories. How you must cherish them

  4. Gil Frontain said,

    What a beautiful tribute to your Dad, Shirley. Any Dad would be deeply moved by such delightful memories as I am sure your Dad is from his heavenly home. The simple loving things that fathers do with their children have long lasting effects on them. Clearly your Dad loved his children deeply and made all of you as happy as he could within his limitations.
    You are a gifted writer Shirley and I enjoyed reading your
    “Memories” very much. Thank you for sharing with us through this wonderful “blog”.Hopefully many younger Dads will read this and be encouraged to imitate your Dad as a model of a loving father.

    • Pat Willment said,

      Thanks Shirley for “tweaking” my memories too!! It’s pretty strange how many memories we share …wartime house…Mom canning/pickling…large veggie gardens…parents loving to dance…dancing on Dad’s feet when I was younger…and those oh so noisy thunderstorms with the lightening that lit up the skies!!! Great memories!! 🙂

  5. Laurette Godard said,

    Wonderful stories!

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