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MILESTONE BIRTHDAYS — June 21, 2010 by Barry Merrell

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   A Wo-Man’s Voice 

I recently celebrated my 65th birthday. My wife, Lorraine, knows that I am not big on celebrating birthdays and I am really not thrilled about “surprise” birthday parties. I warned her in advance and she agreed to keep it small and simple. I trusted her.

On my birthday, the 5 family members she said were coming for dinner arrived at the front door on time and I thought that was the end of it. Little did I know!

It was a beautiful day and we went outside, sat on some lawn chairs, and enjoyed a birthday drink. Soon, a couple more family members arrived. Lorraine played dumb and said that she sort of opened it up if a few more family wanted to come. Then – a few more and a few more.

I admit that I can be a little slow at times, but I did finally put  it all together.

The day was topped off by my brother Lyle and his wife Sally attending, two of my ex old-timers hockey linemates showing up as well as a long distance phone call from my brother Don in Vancouver and an old hockey buddy in Henderson (Las Vegas), Nevada.


The next day, after I had a chance to reflect on everything, I realized how fortunate I am to have family and friends who would give up a week-end Sunday afternoon to attend a birthday bash for me.

So, at the end of the day, I still am not a big fan of surprise parties. But, I have to admit, Lorraine you got me good.

In this case, thank you for not listening to me. It was an absolutely marvellous day.

Just make sure you never do that again!
Love, Barry

Thank you Barry for sharing such a personal side of yourself with us and for being such a good sport about this birthday surprise! 🙂

Barry and Lorraine live in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Barry is employed by SunLife Financial as a Sales Manager.



“Happy times and bygone days are never lost…In truth, they grow more wonderful within the heart that keeps them.”  (Kay Andrew)



11 Responses to 'MILESTONE BIRTHDAYS — June 21, 2010 by Barry Merrell'

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  1. What a great memory to hold onto Barry!
    All your friends and family to complete a fairly good milestone in your life. (I’m not far behind you!). I’m so glad the day was good weather for outdoor seating and you were able to enjoy the fellowship with so many people dear to you. Your photo album
    should be fun to look at, too!
    Sometimes we just have to do what is best for our hubby’s! 🙂

  2. Andrea Cockerill said,

    It is on occasions like this that we realize how much we are loved. And it sounds like you are very much loved! Thanks for reminding me to appreciate my family and friends.

  3. Lorraine Gauthier said,

    I took a chance of possibly being killed but it was so worth it!!! I love surprises but I know after many years how much Barry hates them!It was a milestone birthday that I thought should be celebrated!!Thanks so much to all the family and friends who attended this special event !! Thanks also to Mother Nature for providing awesome weather!!

  4. Shirley Sarafinchan said,

    I wish Ken and I could have been there with you to celebrate in person but you know we were with you in “spirit”! So happy you had a wonderful day and thank you for sharing your personal thoughts on “milestone birthdays” because there are certainly more to come for all of us! Lorraine should be congratulated on her perfect planning and execution of a very special day for a very special man!!

  5. Lori Denis said,

    We love our surprises don’t we! It must run in our family because we all do it! I got Dale good on his 40th too 🙂

    He felt the same way after, cared for, loved and appreciated and it is a memory that sticks our minds for years to come. These are the special moments to cherish.

    • Thank you so much to all of you for your continued support and great comments! They’re very much appreciated. 🙂

  6. Mary Haskett said,

    Really enjoyed your blog on the milestone birthday! Isn’t it wonderful to be so loved.
    Mary Haskett

  7. Gil Frontain said,

    A belated Happy Birthday Barry. Glad you survived the surprise and appreciated the love and caring showered upon you by family and friends. Often, wives have a way of knowing when to take risks with their husband’s aversions and clearly your Lorraine is such a risk taker. Hope and expect her reward was like yours, a great sense of glee at the happy celebration of the milestone birthday.
    Now you can start receiving the monthly “brown envelope” from the Federal Gov’t. with $$$ enclosed.
    Welcome to the club.
    Gil Frontain Calgary

    • Kathy Eberly said,

      Happy belated birthday, Barry! It is such a nice feeling to feel loved! What a wonderful surprise!

      • Barry Merrell said,

        Thanks everyone for reading my article!! It was a fun party and I was really surprised!! Thanks for all of the comments too!!

  8. Lorraine Gauthier said,

    Thanks so much to all who endorsed my surprise!! I knew in my heart it was the right thing to do!! Glad I did…..it was very special!!

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