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ON THE WISDOM OF BIRDS – June 14 by Gil Frontain

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A Wo-Man’s Voice

While playing golf last week my partners and I were alerted to the distress cries of a bird as we approached the tee box for the 6th hole. As we looked around we saw a small bird sitting on her nest at the base of the sign post on a bed of wood chips.

She was a Killdeer, a pretty bird with brown, beige, white and black colourings with two black “bibs” on her upper chest.

We were only a few feet from her nest and would  not have noticed her camouflaged position as her colours blended perfectly with the woodchips under her.

She put on a magnificent show of puffing up her feathers and flapping her wings as she sat up on the nest while screeching her calls for us to “get away”.

We all assured her that she was safe as we  moved away to the tee box. And we all remarked that she was not a very smart bird to have nested so close to a busy golfers path.

Later on as I walked the fairways I thought about that little bird and concluded that she was not so dumb after all; in fact she was rather clever.

She had nested close to a path frequented by humans which were not a threat to her safety and on the contrary would go out of their way to protect her.

At the same time her natural predators such as crows and magpies, cats, skunks and  fox which all love bird eggs, would not approach a place frequented by people.

And she had chosen a bed of woodchips which were the same color as her feathers and as her eggs. “Smart bird”, I concluded and reminded myself to not be so quick to judge the actions of animals and people in the future.

After the golf game I went back to photograph this wise little bird.

Sure enough, she was ready to lure me away from her precious nest and went into her classic “broken wing” act as she scurried off feigning a serious injury with an obvious broken wing while making her distress call.

She was very convincing as she distracted me away from the nest with her great performance. But I knew her caper and moved closer to the nest to photograph the eggs which were so well hidden in the nest. I then quickly left the scene so she could return to her eggs.

Again she made me reflect on how often we are distracted from our priorities in life by actions of others which are as effective as the “broken wing” act of the mother Killdeer bird. 

Oh…the wisdom of birds.

Thank you Gil, not only for the inspirational article, but for the beautiful pictures as well! Happy Father’s Day to you.

Gil is retired and lives with his wife Elsie in Calgary, Alberta.

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“Wisdom is meaningless until our own experience has given it meaning”  (Bergen Evans)



6 Responses to 'ON THE WISDOM OF BIRDS – June 14 by Gil Frontain'

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  1. Shirley Sarafinchan said,

    Good Morning Gil,

    It was so nice to see your smiling face this morning and to read and view your photos in your beautiful “blog” on the Mother Kildeer Bird! I know you love birds and I look forward to reading more articles in the future on any subject. Happy Father’s Day Gil and thank you for inspiring me so early on a Monday morning!

  2. Ginny Hamlim said,

    Thank you, Gil. I really enjoyed your insight and the photos. 😉

  3. Kathy Eberly said,

    What a wonderful post on the Kildeer. I really enjoyed it! Thank you, Gil for sharing.

    • I would like to thank you all for your heartwarming comments on Gil’s post! 🙂

  4. Audra Krell said,

    Great post, I learned something about birds and was reminded about life. Most of the time, “moving in closer” is what wins the race and the hearts of people.

  5. Donna said,

    Gil, it was so nice to see you and read your post. Don’t know if you remember me, but I worked with you at CN. Loved your story. Donna

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