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FOR THE LOVE OF PETS (Part 2) — May 20, 2010 by Lorraine Gauthier

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Well guess what?….Here’s the answer!

I got 2 more kittens that we named Chum and Miss Tootie who were brother and sister. They were just lovely and inseparable. 

Barry who apparently did not really like cats kept saying these were different. He grew to love them too. Again I had my family….. A boy and a girl. We had many years with Miss Tootie and Chum. She had allergies and was sicklier while Chum was the tougher BIG brother. We were always concerned for Miss Tootie for she was smaller and weaker. Then we had the shock of our lives……at age 11 Chum had a heart attack in front of our eyes. We tried reviving him on the way to the Vet’s but he was gone within minutes. We were sick!! We lost our Chum in minutes and could not do a thing about it. 

Miss Tootie was lonely and sad too. Over the next few weeks we had to try to grasp how this could happen. How could the tough, strong one die and the weaker one live?  Ohhhhh…. how painful this was for all of us.  Like life, however, when there is pain there is also joy!  When a door closes God opens a window!!  

Two months later we got Buddy!! Now this guy is the exact opposite of Miss Tootie. He gets into everything and is quite rambunctious. Now we have an 11 year old quiet female with a curious energetic kitten. This was not going to be easy. 

Miss Tootie wanted a quiet friend and instead got an attacker who just wanted to jump and play. What now???  With losing Chum and having a new friend we thought that Miss Tootie would do just fine. Instead, her health started to deteriorate. She did not want to have anything to do with Buddy. He was upset and so was she. 

What do we do? Well I got a brain wave………get another male kitten?? I thought Buddy could have a playmate and Miss Tootie could watch. So…we get a new male kitten. He is the smallest kitten we have ever seen. We call him Chico and we keep them all apart so they can adjust. Now we have 3 that are NOT yet getting along. We are so hopeful that Buddy and Chico will play and Miss Tootie will watch.  Not so!! To our dismay Chico is quiet and wants to be with Miss Tootie. She also wants to be with him. Buddy is left to run around like a crazy cat. We have 3 cats but still have the same problem. No friend for Buddy. 

Over the next few weeks things get really bad. Miss Tootie and Chico both get very sick. We did not know if they got it from each other so we had to keep all 3 cats separated. Our home became an animal hospital. Chico was on IV and Miss Tootie was hand fed. Buddy was the only normal one and had the run of the house. 

But…he wanted a friend, he was lonely. We tried so hard to get them well. Miss Tootie started to turn around but Chico died at 5 months. We were heartsick once again… How could we grow to love an animal so much in just 2 months?? How could this cause us so much heartache?? What is this connection that so many of us feel?? 

Over the next few months Buddy seemed to adjust but Miss Tootie now had 2 losses to deal with, Chum her brother was by her side for 11 years and her new friend Chico who she had just started to love. Well her pain ended up in her body as an eye infection. One year to the day that Chum died Miss Tootie lost her eye. The infection was so bad that in order to save her life we had to have her eye removed. That was the only chance that she could be saved and there was no guarantee. 

Well she survived and is still with us today……..2 years later. Buddy and she tolerate each other but he still attacks. They want to be together but at times he is just a little too active for her. She tries to defend herself and finds places to hide. They are our perfect family… a boy and girl and we love them dearly. Miss Tootie will be 14 and Buddy will be 3 this summer. We appreciate each day we have with them. We also know that the day will come when we will have to say goodbye!  We have learned that with each pet we have had tremendous love and joy and with each loss tremendous pain!  Each one moves us to a new place for the love of pets!!!

Thank you again Lorraine for your very touching story and for shedding some light on the love that pet owners have for their “furry friends”!




“Love is life…And if you miss love, you miss life.”  (Leo Buscaglio)




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  1. Shirley Sarafinchan said,

    Thank you Lorraine for sharing so much about life, love and pain! We so often forget that with joy there is also pain in our lives and it is how we deal with both that carries us on to love again. Miss Tootie and Buddy are very fortunate to have you and Barry and I have had the opportunity to witness the love you have for them and I know they feel loved and protected.

  2. kay wielinski said,

    love the pictures of your kittens – enjoy – pets are treasures – great article.

  3. Lorraine Gauthier said,

    Thanks so much for the comments!! It is hard to believe that this has covered 50 years and my heart has not gotten any tougher. It has probably gotten softer. I do know that I have to have the pain if I want the love!!!They truly are treasures!!

    • Kay, Lorraine, and Shirley…I would like to thank you for taking the time to read, write for, and comment about all the blogs. I know there are many people who read these wonderful articles and they are very appreciated as well. 🙂

  4. louise said,

    your heart will always be tender Lorraine and that is a good thing I hope you never lose that hugs louise

    • Lorraine Gauthier said,

      Thanks Louise for your comments!! Yes I think our characters as well as our hearts grow with loss!! We become very kind and caring people!! You are one too!!

  5. Laurette Godard said,

    Absolutely beautiful, Lorraine. That’s how I feel about my pets.

  6. Thanks so much Louise and Laurette for your encouragement and support on “A Woman’s Voice”!

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