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FOR THE LOVE OF PETS(Part 1) — May 17, 2010 by Lorraine Gauthier

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It’s very hard to explain why we humans get so attached to our furry friends. Is it their unconditional love, the comfort they provide or the fact they never complain? They are true friends thru and thru. We love them so much and the pain of losing them is always so difficult to handle. Our human minds cannot really explain this bond. 

This is my story…….it spans 50 years, many loves and many losses…..

When I was about 5 years old I happen to come across a dead cat on the road. I could not understand why it was just laying there and would not move. After talking to it and petting it, I finally understood that this animal was not alive. He was dead. I started to cry and lay beside it to give it comfort. I did not even know this animal yet its death was very disturbing to me and my heart ached. To this day I have no idea why it had this kind of impact. 

My love for animals continued over the years, especially for cats. At about the age of 14 a stray cat happened to enter our yard. He was a cute little grey kitten. I decided to hide him in my bedroom. I got milk and whatever food I could find. I was very hopeful that we could keep him. Morning came and the secret was out. My parents did not want this cat to stay. After pleading and insisting they gave in. How quickly Minieux became the family pet and everyone grew to love him. 

Many years later when I left home my parents and siblings continued to care for him like a family member. When he died it was very hard on everyone including me who lived away from home. Although he had been a stray it was like a death in the family and everyone felt this loss. 

On my 22nd birthday I received 2 precious gifts…… TWO kittens!! They were just adorable. Missy was a white Persian and Bandit a seal point Himalayan. This was my first experience with purebreds. They were just adorable and quickly they became my family while I lived in Toronto. I worked fulltime and had a long commute but I knew when I got home they would greet me. 

That was always the case until they were about 4 years old. Bandit started to change….. He seemed quieter and drank water frequently. We had him checked and our worst fear came true, he had an incurable and contagious disease called FIP. We had no choice but to put him down plus we had to be concerned for Missy’s health. Our hearts broke. For 3 months we watched Missy closely!!  To our amazement she did not get sick. After 3 months the Vet said we could get another kitten so here comes Smokey!! He was a bundle of joy!!! A little tiny thing with a big sister he was afraid of. After sniffing thru the door for a few days they finally accepted each other. They eventually became very good friends and I was so grateful to have my perfect family again. 

As with life, things change over time. In 1990 Missy was very sick and had to be put down.  My heart broke again. I was on my own now and just had Smokey!! He was my friend and gave so much to me! Smokey was always there to cheer me up and give me comfort. For the next 6 years Smokey was like my confidant. He had the bluest of eyes and the meekest of personalities. He was a gentle soul.

In 1996 Smokey got chronic renal failure and he had to be put down. I tried everything to keep him alive but his time had come. I will never forget that day…. I had to say goodbye to such a dear friend. The next few days were so very hard coming home and having no one to greet me. I could not stand it……well guess what? 

Thanks Lorraine….Please stay tuned!  Part 2 to be continued on Thursday, May 20th. 

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“Where there is love there is life…”  (Mohandas Gandhi)



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  1. Laurette Godard said,

    How true. I cry my heart out every time we had to put down a cat or a dog. It hurts so much. Beautiful writing Lorraine.

    • Lorraine Gauthier said,

      Thanks Laurette! I know that you have had several animals too!!They truly bring us so much love and sorrow!!!We just keep going back for more!! Thanks again for your comments!! Lorraine

  2. Louise said,

    Lorraine my spiritual little sister I loved your story and of course I am a cat lover also as I type this I am at a friends place taking care of her little Rosie as my friend has gone to Greece for 16dats,,Rosies nature is as sweet as her name …. she is such a pleasure to be with …so I do understand completely how you feel about animals as yourself I love them all but the little kitty cat has grabbed me by the heart. big hugs Louise

    • Lorraine Gauthier said,

      Thanks so much Louise! It is so ironic that the cat you take care of has the name Rosie!! This was my father’s name. Everytime I come across a Rosie I think my dad is saying hi!!! Your comments are greatly appreciated!! Stay tuned for the 2nd part!!

    • Thank you so much Louise and Laurette for the continued support and encouragement that you have shown to all my guest writers! Louise, it would be great if you wrote another post and Laurette, you are welcome to join the list of guest bloggers any time. 🙂

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