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IN MY GRANDMOTHER’S DAY — April 5, 2010 by Rose Haynes

Posted in A WOMAN'S VOICE by doloresayotte on April 4, 2010
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 A WOMAN’S VOICE – My Aunt’s Voice   

Author’s Note:  This e-mail was sent to me by my Aunt Rose in response to BLUE MONDAY – My Mother’s Voice posted on March 15, 2010.    

I read the whole piece and was so impressed by your tribute to your mom.  It brought back to me just how diligently my own mother tackled her horrendous job of first doing all the laundry in a galvanized tub. 

She started by heating the wash water by buckets on the wood stove, wringing by hand and finally when she was facing a partial empty nest (5 of us instead of the original 11) she had her 1st motorized automatic washer complete with wringer.  

She was the only one allowed to get the little motor going, fill the tub with hot water from the stove top (still burning the old wood), sweat pouring down her face as much from the exertion as from being puffed with the pride of starting that motor with no less than three pumps. 

Everyone had to stand around in the farm kitchen just to see the immense white contraption and this short, chubby lady handling it with reverence and pride!  She hung the clothes outside, summer & winter.  Just for the fun, hang a queen sized sheet in the freezing winter and try bringing it inside without breaking it. 

I do prattle on, but things have changed radically and I guess I am old as I sometimes wonder if some of it is at all “good for us”!  

Thank you Aunty Rose!

Rose Haynes is retired and lives with her husband Bert in Digby, Nova Scotia. 

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5 Responses to 'IN MY GRANDMOTHER’S DAY — April 5, 2010 by Rose Haynes'

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  1. Lorraine Gauthier said,

    Thanks so much Aunty Rose for sharing some warm memories about our Grandmother!! Times sure have changed but the hard work and stamina of your Mother and our Grandmother remains in most of us today!!….strong genes I suppose!

  2. Shirley Sarafinchan said,

    It was wonderful to open Dolores’ blog this morning and to see your smiling face! Thank you very much for sharing a little of Grandma with us this morning! I can’t imagine having a family of eleven and all the laundry to go with it! Such strength and endurance come to mind and even though we have the luxury of automatic washers and dryers I somehow think living in the days of wringer washers and clothelines was a slower pace of life with a greater appreciation for what our Mom’s and Grandma’s achieved……it was a peaceful time!

  3. Vivian Dunbar said,

    This stirred up so many memories for me! When I think about how hard my mother worked, I always think of laundry day. Monday was the designated day, and the kitchen was filled with all the tubs and wringers and piles of dirty clothes to be dealt with. It took all day, and I took it so for granted in those days. My Mom often had someone helping her, like one of her sisters. Boiling the water, filling the tubs, moving the clothes from one tub to the other for rinsing, and all the wringing! It’s overwhelming to think about. Then they must have hung it all outside to dry, which I don’t even remember. I now fully appreciate all the work it took for me to have clean clothes to wear. Then the ironing! I remember the flatirons and the sizzling sound of them on the damp clothes! We usually had a very sinple dinner on Mondays, and now I know why. Often, we had rice pudding, cooked in a big pot on the stove, with raisins and cinnamon. Yum!

    • Thank-you Vivian, Shirley and Lorraine for your wonderful comments! 🙂

  4. Lorelea said,

    Dear Aunty Rose,

    Just a quick note to thank you for bringing my attention to this beautiful website again.
    I did as you asked and took the time to really “listen” to all of the wonderful voices of my FAMILY and found a lump in my throat. How proud I am to be a Habok and related to these very special folks.
    As I read each of them I could see reflections of Granma, Grandpa, my Mom, you and all of my aunts and uncles. The intergrity, determination, hard work ethic and love of gardening seem to shine through all of us.
    Your posting about Granma’s spirit and internal fortitude was beautiful, you too should have joined the ranks of writers in our family.
    I would love to hear more from you on your memories of your childhood on the farm.

    Much love and hugs to ALL!!

    And again many thanks to all for sharing your voices.

    I hear you.


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